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Comprehensive speech and or language assessments for the preschool population. 

Why is Tests for Tots different from other speech and language diagnostic centers?


Tests for Tots conducts evaluations and observations where the child is most comfortable, such as in the family home or preschool, rather than an unfamiliar clinical setting.  



By observing a child in his or her natural environment, we can determine how well a child comprehends spoken language, communicates, and interacts with family, peers, staff members, and or unfamiliar adults. Moreover, we can also determine how a child's delayed language skills are affecting his or her relationships, self-esteem, and behavior.


After determinating, the severity of a child’s speech and or language delay, a customized plan will be designed with the family to target the child’s speech or language deficits in the home or another natural setting. Why home-based services, rather than a clinical setting? Parental involvement! Let’s be perfectly honest; a speech therapist usually is only with your child once or twice a week for one-two hours. What about the remaining 166/167 hours over the week? Does the child only work on speech or language skills when he or she is with a speech therapist?  Of course not. However, teaching parents or caregivers simple, effective techniques provide parents the opportunity to target their child's language skills in natural everyday situations; therefore making communication meaningful and functional. 



Rose Alvarado 

Mother of three boys, one son with severe autism. 

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